Have you ever combined travelling with learning? It is a really refreshing experience and offers true insight at our islands civilization. Here are some creative educational activities and tours by the HELLENIC CULTURE CENTRE, in Santorini.


Introduction to the Greek language

Learn one of the most beautiful languages of the world. This crash course is a fun way to start learning Greek. It is a good introduction to every day basic vocabulary. You will also discover the Greek alphabet and words with Greek roots in other languages. Learn how to greet people, introduce yourself and, most importantly, order a drink in a ‘kafeneio’ or ‘taverna’.. This is a Beginners’ crash course for those who don’t have any previous knowledge of modern Greek. If you wish to take more advanced lessons, check http://www.hcc.edu.gr/en/ to discover our offer of language courses for all levels.


Ceramics Hands On workshops

Ceramics hands-on lesson and presentation of ancient and modern Greek ceramic art In ancient times, pottery manufacture was vital to the local economy. Rediscover that creative past and mould your own masterpiece, with the help of award-winning artisan potter Andreas Makaris. Materials and tools are provided.


Visit Thirassia, tribute to the past!

A half-day excursion to Thirassia island, brunch Included. Thirassia, an island unspoiled by tourism. You will be enchanted by the island’s unspoiled beauty with its little whitewashed houses and colourful gardens. In Thirassia you’ll escape from the monotony of urban tourism developments and will enjoy total peace and tranquility.
All participants are accompanied to the Ammoudi port in Oia and then to Thirassia by a 10-minute boat trip. A brunch in a local panoramic tavern will be offered during the guided tour at no extra cost.


Discover Santorini’s most interesting churches

Church trail and learning about the Church – State relations in Greece. Can you guess the exact number of churches in Santorini? Why are there so many churches on such a small island? What is the role of the Orthodox Church of Greece in social and political life today? You will attend a presentation and then visit six churches and one cemetery. All participants are accompanied by car throughout the whole tour, from one stop to the other. A lunch in a traditional tavern will be offered during the guided tour at no extra cost.


Enjoy a walk around Megalochori and the caldera

Visit one of the most beautiful traditional villages and be introduced to its residents. Our walk takes us through the traditional village of Megalochori, one of Santorini’s most beautiful villages. We learn about its history and culture and talk to local people for an authentic insight into village life. The walk ends at the Caldera and the “Heart of Megalochori”, a rock in the shape of a heart!


Enjoy a Walking Tour from Megalochori to Pyrgos or vice versa

You will love this guided walk through a footpath from Megalochori to Pyrgos, the highest village in
Santorini. On the way we come across chapels and observe the vineyards. When arriving in Pyrgos, we see behind us an unexpected sight: an old castle. Inside the castle we find the old houses of the village and some of the oldest churches on the island. We might end up at a cozy coffee shops for a glass of Santorinian wine!


Discover Emporeio through a quiet footpath

Walking Tour from Megalochori village to Emporio village OR vice versa. Have you ever heard of Emporio castle? It’s the most well-preserved medieval castle in Santorini and the most impressive from an architectural point of view. We offer a guided walk through a footpath in the vineyards, walking down from Megalochori to the centre of Emporio. All participants are accompanied by our tutors throughout the whole tour. You can c hoose to take the walking tour either from Megalochori to Emporio or from Empor io to Megalochori, according to your preference. The footpath is easy and suitable for any age. Comfortable shoes and a hat are anyway suggested.


WINE TASTING – Guided tour around up to four local wineries

Wine is good for the heart and the soul! We will visit up to four wineries in Megalochori. You will sample delicious wines and discover the unique aromas of the island’s viticulture. A ll participants are accompanied by car throughout the whole tour, from one stop to the other. You can choose between a 2-hour tour with visit, lesson and tasting at o ne winery or a 4-hour tour with 12 total wine samples in four different wineries.


Learn the secrets of Santorini Soil!

Visit to a local farmer and learning about Santorini local products. Have you ever seen people working the land? Usually they stop working and smile at passersby. They are some of the friendliest and most hospitable people in Santorini, which is why we visit them! A walk through the vineyards of Megalochori takes us to a local farm outside the village. There we meet a local farmer who shares the secrets of the Santorini soil on which he grows some of the island’s delicious products. All participants are accompanied by our tutors throughout the whole tour. The path is easy and suitable for any age. Comfortable shoes are anyway suggested.


Cooking Lesson – Explore the taste of Greece!

Traditional cooking hands-on lesson and presentation on Greek food. If you love food you will really enjoy this! You’ll start by hearing a short ten minute lecture about Greek food and eating habits, then take part in an interactive game to learn more about Greek food customs. Then, with the help of a professional cook, you will prepare your own dishes with fresh ingredients in a traditional tavern in Megalochori village.



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