The AKROTIRI GUARDIANS project is our way to pay tribute to a unique destination. Unique, not only for the beautiful images and the unrivaled vacation it promises. Our island is a world heritage site, where people’s timeless endeavors to create civilization have been expressed in an unbelievably dynamic way.
Here lies the unique Caldera, which was forcibly moulded in the wake of a volcanic eruption, offering an immense field of geological interest.
Here lies the marvelous terrain of the area of Vlychada which was patiently chiseled by the wind and the sea alike turning into the world’s biggest sculpture.
Here lie the foundations of the outstanding town of anci-ent Thera and the prehistoric Town of Akrotiri whose largest part is still buried in ashes.
The legacy of Thera deserves our respect, protection, research and understanding. It is only then that we will savor the very essence of our priceless trip to the Aegean Sea, a sea so full of colors, scents and culture!


The Guide to the Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri
donates annually an amount of the profits to:

“Society for the promotion of
Prehistoric Thera”